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Guess Who Kate Middleton's Little Brother James Is Dating?

Nearly-Royal James Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge's brother has allegedly shacked up with millionaire telly presenter and all-round gorgeous glamour girl Donna Air.

The long-time eligible bachelor is said to have been keen to find a girlfriend since seeing sister Pippa settle down with stockbroker Nico Jackson. So has he found the one?

james middleton donna air

Rumour has it James has been seeing the Newcastle-born blonde for three months and things are getting serious. Ooooh.

Jay and Donna first met at the uber exclusive private members' club, No 5 Hertford Street, in February and have been on a string of dates since.

But now, after months of shrouding their budding romance in secrecy, the pair have apparently come clean to friends and family.

donna air james middleton

In an interview with The Telegraph Donna said, "I try and keep my private life quite discreet.

"I am a young girl, so I am not sitting at home in my slippers just yet," she added.

"I'm not at home knitting. I always have somebody around to make me smile."

Donna, who counts Princess Eugenie among her friends, is believed to have met James's other sis Pip in recent weeks - if that isn't a sure sign of a full-on romance we don't know what is.

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