From Independent Women To Bow Down Bitches: Why I've Fallen Out Of Love With Beyonce

First she stripped down to her pants for GQ, then she started wearing exotic animals skins all over the place and now her much-anticipated new single is a bit of a joke. MyDaily's Celebrity Writer Ellen Stewart on why she's fallen out of love with Beyonce...

Hello, my name's Ellen and I'm a recovering Beyoholic. It's been two months since I last squealed with delight over anything Beyonce related and I'm feeling pretty crappy about it. My love affair with Bey began way back when (aka 1998) with a little Destiny's Child track called No, No, No. Since then B's had her ups and downs but I've always been there cheering from the sidelines... Until now.

beyonce new single

On Sunday night I waited with bated breath for Beyonce's first new single in TWO years hit the Internet, but soon after pressing play I found myself asking, "Is this some kinda joke?" Genuinely, what happened to the "all the women who are independent"? Where was all the "who run the world, girls"? Beyonce, the ULTIMATE image of female empowerment was suddenly singing, "I know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. Don't forget it. Respect that. Bow down bitches."

Hey Bey, who the hell are you talking to? Me? Your loyal and devoted fan. Yeah I wanted to be in your Say My Name, Bills Bills Bills and not to mention Single Ladies world but hey, if you'd rather I just knelt at your feet while you call me a bitch I'm not really down with that.

Ever since she stripped down to her knickers for GQ magazine, Beyonce's been in my bad books, but I thought it was a blip. A blip that would be dealt with by the release of her new hands-in-the-air-singing-into-a-hairbrush single, but no.

Who is this new Beyonce? This 'yeah I'm a massive success and now all you little people can get stuffed' Beyonce. Whoever she is, I'm not sure I like her. Bring back cowboy hat Bey... NOW.

beyonce new single

Cowboy hat Beyonce was a highpoint, along with Austin Powers Beyonce, Irreplaceable Beyonce and, of course, mum to baby Blue Beyonce. New Beyonce is a stranger and bares no relation to the girl who said she was too hot for boys, that threw her pager out the window and wouldn't go out with someone who couldn't pay their own bills.

Here have a listen and try and tell me you don't agree...