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Lady Gaga Just Got Weirder! The Singer's Tour Demands Are Revealed

If you thought Lady Gaga couldn't get any more bizarre if she tried, now is the time to eat your words. Not only does the self-proclaimed Mother Monster have a penchant for frocks made of meat, outlandish floral headgear and dressing up like a bionic Mr Blobby, it has also been revealed that she's a bit of a diva with a long list of unusual tour demands. What a surprise.

lady gaga tour demands

According to a 14-page document of bonkers demands made by the star recently revealed in court proceedings, the Born This Way singer requested a pink-haired mannequin to keep her company while she chillaxed in her dressing room, as well as pretty much every cheese known to man and silver satin bed sheets.

Gaga - who, according to the papers refers to herself as the 'Queen of the Universe' - is being sued by her former best friend and personal assistant Jennifer O'Neill. Jennifer claims she worked 7,168 hours of unpaid overtime and is requesting £250,000 plus damages from the singer to make up for it. Ouch!

lady gaga tour demands

On top of a life-sized plastic companion and a hella lot of cheese, Gaga also required her room to be kitted out with posters of David Bowie, Queen and Elton John. During The Monster Ball Tour from 2009 to 2011, her room was to be furnished with white leather sofas and decorated with yellow, lavender or white roses (she wasn't fussy).

In emails submitted in the lawsuit, Gaga said an iPod speaker ("preferably Bose") was required on one date, while her tour manager questioned the need for can openers and a blender as the singer had a personal chef who was on call 24/7.

During a six-hour sworn deposition, the international popstar branded Jennifer a, "F***ing hood rat who is suing me for money that she didn't earn."

So what's your verdict? Is Gaga mad as a box of frogs?