Will it catch on? Alexis Mabille's Silver Haired Models At Couture Week

Alexis Mabille sent out models with slicked back silver hair for his show at Paris Couture Week. The result? Combined with his feminine designs, neo-siren - a cooler, more elegant star.

Given that Mabille's designs were in many ways quite traditional and the palette sugary, opting for an edgier hair colour was clever. It gave the entire collection an unexpected sharpness, and made his Marie Antoinette-esque creations - some of which bordered of frou-frou - feel fresh.

silver hair trend

So will the hairstyle catch on? Are we days away from salons being over-run with wannabe silver-haired devils? It's not so implausible - some girls are already sporting pearly tresses to make a style statement.

Kristen McMenamy has long pearly pale locks and Sarah Harris, British Vogue's Fashion Director, has the glossiest silver tresses you've ever seen.

Dare you do silver? Perhaps Mabille's models will help you make up your mind...