Mac Breaks The Mould With Bodybuilder Campaign, Is This The Most Empowering Beauty Ad Yet?

This has got to be a first in the world of beauty advertising. Mac has released its latest ad campaign for the new Spring collection, Stronger, and who does the brand chose to model their makeup? A Serbian bodybuilder. Clever.


With her muscles flexed, Jelena Abbou follows on from previous faces of Mac, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and MyDaily's personal favourite, Iris Apfel. While these leading ladies broke the norm in terms of model choice, this time there's more to the ad than the usual line of "doesn't this girl look beautiful with her perfect makeup and scraped-back hair?"

We're told to "strike a powerful pose" and "flex [our] femininity", as demonstrated beautifully by Abbou. It might not be anything too ground-breaking, but if these messages imply that women can feel stronger and better about themselves, then we're giving this campaign the nod.

Mac's Strength collection will be available from mid February in stores and online.

See more of Mac's former face below: