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Lady Gaga Channels Beetle Juice As She Takes To The Stage With Mick Jagger At Rolling Stones Concert

Who? Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger

What? Pop sensation Lady Gaga took to the stage with rock legends The Rolling Stones on Saturday night. Not exactly known for her conventional dress sense, Gaga stepped out in a Beetle Juice-inspired catsuit, sky-high heels and super-long hair extensions-cum-wig..?

Where? New Jersey

lady gaga rolling stones

Powerhouse Gaga joined Stones' frontman Mick Jagger on stage to mark the finale of their international 50 And Counting tour, and although they put on a spectacular show, Team MyDaily just couldn't get past the straggly hair do and the black and gold Bassett's Humbug-style ensemble Gaga was sporting.

lady gaga rolling stones

The songstress posed for a few happy snaps with the whole Rolling Stones outfit, this time dressed down in a smart scallop-collared dress and John Lennon-esque shades. We have to say, the singer looked pretty normal, especially compared to the look she was sporting earlier that evening...

lady gaga rolling stones

... See what we mean? Earlier that evening the Born This Way singer was spotted leaving her hotel in near-by New York City, with a very bizarre medieval torture contraption on her head... We're really not sure why we're surprised, this is standard behaviour from the self-proclaimed 'Mother Monster'.

Verdict? It's fair to say we're not too hot on Gaga's latest looks, but what do you reckon? Will you be sporting a blinged up bondage mask next time you pop to the shops?