Seeing double: Kim Kardashian posts bikini picture, creates herself a twin

Isn't one Kim Kardashian enough? The star seems to have discovered a new photo app which allows her to clone herself - and the results were (naturally) shared with her followers via Twitter.

"Double trouble," she wrote, alongside a picture of her posing in a skimpy bikini with, erm, herself.

Kim Kardashian double troublePhoto:Twitter/Instagram/Kim Kardashian

This was proceeded by: "Make you look twice..."

Kim Kardashian Twitter picturePhoto:Twitter/Instagram/Kim Kardashian

We're not sure the world could handle another Kardashian.

Speaking of which, the family just released their now annual 'music video', which they filmed during their Kardashian Kristmas Kard shoot last year.

There are no words. (In a good way?)

And just in case that wasn't enough Kardashian for you this morning:

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