Hot or not: Katie Holmes' safari chic street style

Katie Holmes and her casual chic street style can be spotted on a daily basis and while it usually involves a pair of denim flares or a silk floral print, last night's orange outfit mixed granny chic with safari style - a combination that we wouldn't usually recommend to anyone.

Katie Holmes in New York. Photo: Rex Features

We're not sure if it's down to the skimpy silk dress mixed with the baggy beige cardigan (which might have worked over a different style) or simply the suede fedora, but there was something about this outfit that is just a bit too mismatched.

Pairing three different shades of brown with tangerine is definitely a fashion risk (is it just us, or is there something very I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! about this look), but did Katie pull it off? Let us know what you think below and see more of the star in her perfect 10.

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