Beauty look of the week: January Jones vs Claire Danes

It's another battle of the blonde bombshells this week as January Jones and Claire Danes go head-to-head with their understated red carpet looks.

january-jones-claire-danesJanuary Jones and Claire Danes. Photos: PA

Jones never fails to impress us on the red carpet, but we were really struck by her sleek and simple approach to beauty, at one her many Mad Men events in New York this week. A flick of black eyeliner and a rosy lip colour brightened up her black and khaki look perfectly.

As for Danes, she worked a glossy and groomed look at a Homeland event on Tuesday. Her skin was glowing and she got the balance between super straight and volumised hair just right with her shaped long locks.

So what do you think? Let us know by voting in our reader poll and see what the experts have to say below.

Makeup4All: January Jones is usually not afraid of bold makeup but this time she went for a classic timeless look. I am loving her thick groomed eye brows and sleek hairstyle. Thick eye liner, natural rosy lips and glowing cheeks make her look beautiful as always!

MyDaily verdict: As much as we love January, we're going to side with Claire this week. She looked stunning and it's great to see her on the red carpet again.

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