Can you guess what Amy Childs is promoting here?

Ahh, Amy Childs. The reality TV starlet took centre stage at the Professional Beauty exhibition at ExCel London this morning (looking like a side-kick in an Austin Powers movie) but can you guess what she was promoting?

Amy Childs promotes eyelash rangeCool rider? Amy Childs at the Professional Beauty exhibition this morning. Photo:Getty

Let's look at the evidence.

Skintight PVC catsuit. Fetish clothing range? Nope.
Huge beehive. Assorted oversized wigs and prosthetic hair pieces? Nope.
Metallic mega platforms. A shoe collection! It has to be a shoe collection. Wrong again.
Pink moped. Road safety and proper learning of the Highway Code? NOPE.

The answer? Her own range of false lashes. (We now realise the clue lies in the scary eye/light on the front of her scooter. Ohhhh, we get it now.)

Let's take a closer look shall we?

Amy Childs promotes eyelash rangeBig blink: Amy Childs has just released her debut range of false eyelashes. Photo:Getty

Why yes Amy, those are very big lashes you have.

We're not entirely sure why she decided to detract attention away from her eyes in every way possible, but if the aim of the game was just to get us writing a news post about her (which we're guessing it was) then it worked.

Oh Amy, we do love you. Be our friend? We're nice people.

The Amy Childs Lashes (which come with such amazing names as 'Tease', 'Temptress' and 'Heartbreaker') are available to buy online now at amychildsofficial.co.uk

See more from Amy's wardrobe bin the gallery below:

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