Christina Hendricks + skintight leather + weaponry = terrifying

Yesterday we wrote about J Lo doin' it like a dude in a boxer's jock strap on the cover of V Magazine. Today? We want to talk about a photo shoot featured by the same magazine; Christina Hendricks wielding weaponry in skintight leather, to be exact.

christina-hendricks-v-magazinePhoto: V Magazine
The photos might be timed to coincide with the fifth season of Mad Men, but this is about as far away from her 1960s alter ego as you can get.

Titled Big Shot, the shoot see Hendricks brandishing a long bow and arrows. A lot of arrows. She also manages to make a pack of cards look terrifying.

And what of the fashion? Leather - in all guises - is the key component in each ensemble. We love the full-length shot of Christina's dramatic leather ball gown.

See ALL the photos from the shoot here:

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