Eclectic + eccentric = Emporio Armani for Autumn

WHO? Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani Autumn/Winter 2012 collection reviewTwo by two: Models during the Emporio Armani Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. Photo:Getty

IN A NUTSHELL: Emporio Armani went all eclectic on us with their latest collection, throwing a whole variety of textures, layers, fabrics, styles and influences into the mix. But the key piece? Perhaps strangely for an Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, it was shorts... Granted, they were worn over tights, and paired with warming coats, and were never shorter than the knee - but nevertheless, they were shorts.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: We're all for trying some satin winter shorts, but are well able to believe that we might not have everyone's support on that one. However, there were a couple of chic, square-shouldered coats that we fell in love with, plus we're loving the use of an entirely flat collection of shoes. From brogues and loafers, to pumps or slippers, there wasn't a heel in sight, and considering we've spent the best part of the last three days running around Milan in heels, our feet are liking the sound of that...

VERDICT: Talk about a feast for the eyes: with a collection that had so much going on, and so many different elements (not to mention the sheer number of looks, we lost count) at times it was difficult to know where to look - particularly when several of the models walked down the runway in pairs. While the overall effect was a tad overwhelming at points, the dark, muted colour palette of navy, grey, black and purple prevented it all from being a complete sensory overload. Plus, when separated out, there were some seriously beautiful designs: there's no denying the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into just one piece, let alone an entire look. And for that, we applaud them.

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