Alexa Chung-arees: Presenter gets her overalls on for fashion party

Alexa Chung joined the NYC scenesters at a fashion bash in New York last night, hosted by Deleon Tequila at the brilliantly named Boom Boom Room. (We NEED to go there.)

And in her standard casual-cool manner, Alexa opted to forgo a frock in favour of some slouchy denim dungarees, teamed with a collared blouse, chunky wooden platforms and a floral patterned grab bag.

Alexa Chung at the Deleon Tequila party in denim dungareesChung-arees: Alexa arrives at the Boom Boom Room in New York: Photo:Rex

(Side note: Apologies for the Alexa Chung-arees joke in the headline. It's a Friday afternoon and it's been a long week. But in our defence, her name is Alexa Chung and she is wearing dungarees. This stuff pretty much writes itself.)

Now while we personally wouldn't wear overalls to a Very Cool Party, we actually have to admit that we're quite liking this nonchalant approach to fashion. It looks comfortable, and practical, and hey, if anyone can pull it off, Miss Chung-arees can. (Again, sorry.)

We do wish she'd bothered to brush her hair though.

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