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Brooklyn City Guide

Want to experience where the real New Yorkers live?

Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline​Discover: Take a stroll across Brooklyn Bridge for beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. Photo: Rex Features

While there's no place quite like Manhattan, the often-overlooked sister borough of Brooklyn is fast becoming the hipster hotspot of NYC.

Where the locals live, dine, drink and shop, it really is a world away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the island in feel, but not in distance (just two subway stops, or a quick cab ride.)

With a fierce sense of community pride, hidden cultural delights and more restaurants than your waistline would care for, Brooklyn is all those adjectives you associate with the cool kids: edgy, urban and undeniably individual - the Shoreditch to Manhattan's Mayfair, if you will.

Here are our top ten tips if you're planning trip:

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