Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart are front row duo at Mulberry

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The Mulberry show never fails to draw a starry crowd, and this year proved to be no exception when Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart were the surprise front row faces.

While Kate's a fashion week regular, she's still particularly picky about which shows she attends, so kudos to Mulberry Creative Director Emma Hill for scoring a Mossy spot. The super took up her front row pew with hairdresser pal James Brown, in an opinion-dividing double denim ensemble with trilby and knee-high boots.

Kate Moss and Kristen Stewart are front row duo at Mulberry showKate Moss and Kristen Stewart enjoy the seaside-inspired collection from Mulberry. Photo:Getty

But it was Kristen Stewart we were most surprised (read: excited) to see. The Twilight starlet has only ever graced LFW once before (that we can recall) and never appears to be particularly interested in fashion - but there she was inside the Claridges Ballroom, wearing a cute printed mini dress and ankle boots, complete with long dark Bella Swan locks and shimmering eye makeup.

The star pair joined Emma Hill for a quick catch up backstage after the show.

Kristen Stewart, Emma Hill and Kate Moss backstage at MulberryKristen Stewart, Emma Hill and Kate Moss backstage at the Mulberry show. Photo:Getty

Other famous faces to grace Mulberry this year included Erin O'Connor, Laura Bailey, Olivia Palermo and Eliza Doolittle.

What do you think of Kristen's surprise show appearance, or more to the point, Kate's double denim? Let us know in a comment below, then click on our gallery here to see who else we've spied at London Fashion Week so far this season:

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