Annie Leibovitz shoots the Kardashian sisters in lingerie

World famous photographer Annie Leibovitz has turned her lens on the Kardashian sisters for an advertising campaign to promote their Sears clothing line - the Kardashian Kollection.

The Kardashians model lingerie for Annie LeibovitzThe Kardashians model their collection for Annie Leibovitz. Photo: Jupi Corporation

Kardashian sisters in lingerie for annie leibovitzWe're not entirely sure why some people seem to be disappointed in Annie for working with the siblings. She hasn't shied away from working with pop culture figures in the past - one of her most famous images is of Demi Moore pregnant and you might remember her pictures of Miley Cyrus apparently topless which sparked quite the online discussion (or, more accurately, furore) at the time. She also has another series of slightly kitschy works that feature movie stars posing as famous Disney characters. At the end of the day a job is a job - she photographs Kardashians, we write about them.

If you're going to take issue with anything about the picture it should probably be the fact that Khloe usually stands about a head taller than Kourtney and perhaps half a head taller than Kim, so either she was standing *really* far away or they put Kim and Kourt on top of a few phone books. Or their pictorial trio was assembled after the event in Photoshop.

We're thinking the latter because as well as the slight cut-out feel where the bodies meet, the composition looks funky and that's not something we usually say about Annie's work.

The other images from the shoot are below so have a look and let us know what you think:

Photo: Jupi Corporation

Photo: Jupi Corporation

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