Kim Kardashian's wedding gown plus husband look-a-like

Kim Kardashian's People magazine cover (plus gown minus husband). Photo: AP Photo/People

Hi Kim Kardashian,

Kim Kardashian Kris HumphriesWe understand that your wedding was very much a Kardashian focused affair what with the true love Kardashian wedding perfume and the two part E! special entitled Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event and the camera crew trips to Vera Wang and the "I won't be single forever" Hinty Hint McHint comments to Kourtney from ages ago when the latter was explaining why she didn't want to marry Scott Disick (parental divorce issues, apparently) on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

We also understand that wearing a custom-made Vera Wang puffy wedding dress might make it hard for someone to stand particularly close to you.

We would, however, still expect your husband to be present in the picture selling People's exclusive photos from said wedding.

UNLESS this issue of people has one of those wraparound overs and the new Mr Kardashian is on the back with a barcode across his sleeve.

P.S. Your husband (Kris Humphries, in case anyone was unclear) looks like Taylor Lautner. Fact.

Kris Humphries and Taylor Lautner - separated at birth? Photos: Empics Entertainment

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