Gaga Goo Goo: If Lady Gaga designed babywear...

Gaga and one of her little monster models. Photo: Youtube

Lady Gaga used a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live to introduce the world to her imaginary (for the time being) line of babywear - Gaga Goo Goo.

The results - vaguely reminiscent of seeing an infant Kermit, Miss Piggy et al in the Muppet Babies cartoons - showcased Lady Gaga's fictional clothing line. Appropriate given one of the mini-outfits was a version of her Kermit costume.

Adult and infant Kermit outfits. Photos: YouTube

"She's one of the bestselling artists of all time and now Lady Gaga brings her celebrated gift for fashion to the littlest of monsters..." announces the voiceover on the Jimmy Kimmel skit before revealing the pint-sized versions of some of Gaga's most iconic costumes.

Gaga Goo Goo fashion show. Photos: YouTube

Perhaps there could also be an egg-pram to transport your baby from place to place?

We'd love to hear your thoughts - if the range was available in shops would you pick up a costume for your little monsters?

Gaga Goo Goo - love or loathe?
Amazing! I would buy every single one of these.94 (41.0%)
Terrifying! I can't even look at them.135 (59.0%)

For the full faux advertising, just hit play on the video below: