Hot or not: Kelly Osbourne's Lovebox look

Photo: PA

Kelly OsbourneWe've been looking at this picture of Kelly Osbourne for a good while and still can't make up our minds as to whether we like it or not.

The reality television starlet donned field-friendly flats, zippered leggings and a sleeveless black tee to enjoy London's Lovebox festival. The cute hairband finished off a simple but stylish look.

And then there came Chanel braces, a giant cross necklace, the candy pink lipstick, the oversized sequin bag...

The bag looks pretty heavy too, judging by the way she's leaning - we're a bit concerned she's got more accessories hiding away in there, just waiting for an outing.

Verdicts below please!

What do you think of Kelly Osbourne's festival fashion?
Far far far too much going on.181 (46.2%)
She looks fabulous, Chanel braces and all!211 (53.8%)