Duchess Kate shows off new royal bracelet

Kate / Duchess of Cambridge shows off new royal bracelet at WimbledonCrown jewels: Kate showed off her new royal bracelet at Wimbledon yesterday. Photos:Getty Images

While we were all busy admiring Duchess Kate's tennis-perfect Temperley dress at Wimbledon yesterday, another tiny royal detail caught our beady eye.

Along with that sapphire engagement ring, Kate seemed to be showing off some rather regal new wrist candy...

As she cheered on Andy Murray, we caught a glimpse of her golden chain-link bracelet, inscribed with the initial C for Catherine - in the same style seen on the official royal merchandise - underneath a crown.

We think it's rather sweet that the Duchess of Cambridge has chosen to celebrate her new royal status with some classic jewellery - but what do you make of Kate's bracelet? Let us know below!

What do you make of Kate's regal bracelet?
Sweet - why shouldn't she be proud to be a royal?3658 (74.7%)
Tacky - it's all a bit 'show off-ish' isn't it?1241 (25.3%)

Click on our gallery below to see more pictures of William and Kate at Wimbledon:

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