Michelle Obama sports a new haircut - but is she faking?

Michelle ObamaPhoto: AFP/Getty

Earlier this month we were getting out our microscopes and peering at Scarlett Johansson trying to work out whether she had given her longer locks the heave ho or whether it was just a case of strategic styling.

Now it seems that Michelle Obama has gone for a similar has-she-or-hasn't-she style.

The First Lady opted for the neat bob style as she spoke to Hollywood writers, producers, directors and actors as part of a panel event to raise support and awareness for the US military and their families through media.

Apparently she achieved the look with pins and hairspray rather than scissors but we think it's a great style for Mrs O and perfect for the summer heat.

What do you think?

Should Michelle Obama go for the real deal?
Yes - it's the perfect summer style on her.475 (78.9%)
No - longer suits her far better127 (21.1%)