Know your sauna etiquette

spa posterDalesauna

Imagine the scene... you're relaxing in the heat of the sauna, when suddenly the frosty glares coming your way can mean only one thing – you've made a spa faux pas.

Wandering into the etiquette minefield of the sauna can turn your relaxing experience to a teeth-gnashingly tense time, while spotting someone else breaking the unwritten rules is a shortcut to seeing red. So thankfully one spa company has come up with the dos and don'ts of letting off steam.

Dalesauna has designed a retro-style sauna etiquette poster to ensure everyone understands the polite behaviour expected when you're wearing just a towel. One of which is, er, to wear a towel - please, this isn't Finland!

Other helpful suggestions include "refrain from staring" – especially in mixed saunas, we presume – although, if they're shocked glances, you might want to check that towel again.

Some are practical – such as shutting the door when you enter and leave to avoid the temperature dropping – while others are just simple politeness. Do you need to be told to have a shower first, or to respect other people's space? If so, perhaps you shouldn't be allowed in at all...

And if it all seems a bit too fraught – isn't this supposed to be fun, after all? – the poster points out a few other things you can expect, including great skin and deep relaxation.

The poster is being launched in spas nationwide from September. What would you include on sauna or spa etiquette poster? Tell us below!